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Is the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump a good pump to increase milk supply?
I was given the Ameda breast pump but have never heard of this brand before. Is it a good pump?
I love this pump too. I was given the recommendation by my lactation consultant at the hospital I delivered.

Pumping is a great way to increase your milk supply. I find that mine drops if I am dehydrated so be sure you are drinking a lot of water. I try and drink a bottle of water while I am pumping/nursing. Good Luck!
Anyone have experience with the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump?
Anyone have experience using an Ameda breast pump? We are pregnant with our first and I would like to breast feed but will be going back to work. I need a decent reliable breast pump and wondering if anyne has used this one? After doing a TON of research I think I like this one the best.

Also, is it ok to use a used breast pump if I replace all of the tubing and stuff?? I would buy that from the Ameda website.
Love this pump. A lot of people say they dont but I do. Its easy to use and so small. You can also pump ten times as fast. The tubing can be boiled since it doesnt touch your skin or the milk. Know the white things inside of the flanges and the flanges themselves I would buy new.
Which Ameda Breast Pump would you recommend and why?
Trying to figure out the difference between the Ameda Breast Pump models. They all seem very similar. What advantages/disadvantages for each pump?
There is no real difference in the actual pump for the Ameda Breast Pump models. The difference is the accessories that come with the pump. I used the Ameda Purely Yours Carryall, but you can save yourself $50 if you just get the standard Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump.

The Ameda Purely Yours is a great breast pump. I used it for almost a year, with no problems.

They also have the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, which looks different, but is supposed to be the same pump motor.
Can anyone tell me how the Ameda Breast Pump compares to Medela?
Is its quality just as good? Does it make pumping easy for a full time working mom? Any info you have for Ameda would be great. It seems I can get an Ameda for free and I had my mind set on the Medela but I mean free is free and if they are comparable I will be saving myself a couple of hundred dollars.
The Ameda is FDA approved, while the Medela is not. That is because the Ameda is a closed pump system (just like ALL hospital grade rental pumps) and the Medela is an open pump system.

If you are getting the Ameda for free than you are getting a GREAT pump and it definitely holds it's own next to Medela (my motto is "If it's Free, it's for me!"). I have heard only good things about the Ameda and I plan to get this pump before I return back to work.
Is the Lansinoh Double Electric breast pump basically the same as the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump?
I am looking at this breast pump and heard that it is basically the exact same pump as the Ameda Purely Yours. Has anyone used the Lanisoh breast pump? If so, what did you think of it? I will only need to use it for occasional pumping like when I need a break or can't be with baby for a short amount of time.
I have this one and used it with 2 babies!!! love it!!! Lansinoh is the only breast pump my fast and plentiful milk didn't kill the engine of through the milk squirting into the suction tubes (evenflo sucks). Lansinoh double pump is the only one I recommend!!!
What bottles work with ameda purely yours breast pump?
I got a breast pump from my friend and she did not give me bottles for milk collection and I am having a hard time finding bottles for ameda, do you know any other bottles that work with this pump??
I've own and use the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump and I do have some of the Ameda bottles that came with it but I also have some Medela bottles that fit it too. I got the Medela bottles at first b/c I used the Medela hand pump. My LO rarely gets a bottle but he does very well with the Medela bottles and nipples (BPA free, inexpensive and no gas issues!) It looks like those types of bottles all have the same kind of twist-design.

Just one thing to be aware of is that if you are not using an Ameda bottle the bottle more than likely will not fit in the round stand of the pump. It's not really a big deal; a minor inconvenience at most.

I hope this helps! :)
Ameda Breast Pump vs Medela Breast Pump?
I went to the hospital and they told me I couldnt breast feed, and when I go back, they tell me that I can because I dont have to take my medication until I want too, so Im a little upset that throughout my whole pregnancy they told me I couldnt, and 11 days after giving birth to my daughter they tell me I can, and now she wont even take to my breast, I had a cheap evenflo breast pump that was good for 5 min and took me 30 min just to get 2oz, but I heard good things about Medela, but they are so costly, and I heard alot of good things about Ameda also, so I was wondering has anyone used the Ameda? and is it worth the buy because I'm in the military and I only get 6 weeks of maternity leave, and then I go back to work, and they only give me such amount of time to pump, so I want something that will work well for that hour or so I get....

Any Suggestions?
Don't be discourages 11 days is certainly not to late to get her nursing! Just keep offering. And contact a lactation nurse for help if possibl b/c BF is hard to learn the 1st few weeks. And the 1st few wees are the worst nad once your over them it'll be much eaiser. As for the pumps I personally use the Medella Symphony and Pump in Style Adv. I like the Sypmohony more but the PISA works just as good adn both are very efficent as emptying both sides at once in a timly manner I can do both in about 10-15 min. You can also rent them tht might be better for you just to see if you like them first and if you want to continue asit might be very har to pump in the military setting. Good Luck and don't be afarid to get help if you need it.
I'm looking at getting the purely yours breast pump by Ameda, any one had good/bad experience with it?
i found that most people recomend the medela pumps, but i think thats because they are the most avalible and not coz they are the best. i also hear that the medela pumps have tubes that are hard to clean. how easy/hard to clean is the ameda pump???? and was it easy to use/set up??
I rented an Ameda hospital grade pump when I gave birth and it worked very well. Medela pumps are certainly the best, hands down but I found that Ameda did a good job, too. Ameda is a reputable name.
Medela or Ameda breast pump? Whichi is better?
Comparing the Medela Original Pump in Style to the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump (both double electric), which would you say is better and why?
medela.. I tried the Ameda at the hospital but it wasnt that good as medela. I am currently renting a medela at my local hospital and it works wonders. I can pump between 11oz-17 oz.. Amazing!
Anyone with an Ameda Purely Yours breast pump?
I received this pump this weekend @ my baby shower and it comes with some 4oz bottles with screw-tight lids on them.

Can I buy nipples & rings for these bottles so that my baby can drink directly from the bottles? Or will any standard size bottle work with this pump? I am planning on both breast feeding and pumping into bottles daily so that daddy can feed the baby too.
Just so you know - this pump is AWESOME!!!!!! And yes - I put the tops right on the bottles. And fed her like that. You will do great!!!!

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