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Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian or ugly *** Angelina Jolie?
how lame is it for me to plan to pay ten dollars to see a movie that's obviously crap just to see megan fox as a demonized vampire that goes both ways?
Kim Kardashian
Why do people compare Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie?
We all know that she is an Angelina wannabe.
With those ugly cheap tattoos.
Angelina will destroy that biothces *** anyday.
I'm not sure it's people comparing her to Jolie as much as Fox doing the comparing herself. I haven't seen or heard an interview with her yet that she hasn't brought up Jolie. She's a definite wanna-be and I don't know why. All being a wanna-be gets you is sloppy seconds.
Simple question to answer so do it? Angelina Jolie fans?
idgaf if you make fun of me...
Answer how to be like Angelina jolie
the bad *** days?
Just copy her style,
Question for the Angelina Jolie Fans?
How to be like Angelina Jolie in the "bad *** era"
idc if you make fun of me caue I wont stop asking.
Im just curious.
but you act like ima do this my whole life. nahh im just curious.
please and thanks!
omg i love angelina, everything about her is soooo perfect. and i loved her style when she was younger, so badass. i try to be like her too, wearing black and stuff. but still i think she's unique, impossible to copy hehe
Who thinks Megan Fox is the next Angelina Jolie?
I have to laugh at this *****. She claims she's not trying to compete or look like Angelina, but the plastic surgery on the lips and her tattoos and her "eccentric" personality, suggests otherwise. Bottom line, she doesn't have the acting chops and she is nothing, but **** and ***. She will never be the actress/icon that Angelina is and Angelina's beauty is unparalled. So everyone needs to STOP WITH THE COMPARISONS, because you can't. Megan can't hold a candle to Angelina.
Yeah - apart from being weird-looking skanks, they don't have much in common.
What movie was angelina jolie in where she pretended to be pregnant to fool some guy who was trying to killher?
She moved to some rural town and was buying a bunch of baby stuff and then the guy found her and he stabbed her in the belly but it was fake and she kicked his ***..what movie was that?
Taking Lives
Who is better Angelina Jolie or Rihanna?
Both of these women are considered "bad" and very sexy. So Which one of these bad *** girls is the sexiest to you?
Angelina Jolie
What kind of car does Fox(Angelina Jolie) drive into the train, in the movie Wanted?..?
Im not talking about the lame *** flashy red sports car in the, please..-_-...the nice little elegant car she stole from the couple, and subsequently drove into a train..
VAZ 2101 Zhiguli

And why hate on the Dodge Viper!? That car is an American icon.
Who do you reckon is fitter angelina jolie or mariah carey vote now !!!!!!!!!!?
mariah carey or angelina jolie mariah has bigger **** but angelina has i nice **** so wat will it be anwser now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................…
I think Mariah Carey is fitter because she has prettier face to go with that pretty body of hers.Like i think she has a big butt & big boobs & Angelina Jolie looks to fake to me..

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