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Where can I buy Q-pee asian mayonaise?
Once upon a time a few years ago I could go to the Cost Plus near my home and buy a bottle of an asian mayonaise like salad dressing we called QP I think it was names after a doll
Well Cost Plus Imports doesn't have it anymore
Maybe I can get it at a store in Koreatown they had it then
I haven't checked there recently
If you're looking for a brick and mortar store, I'd help, but don't know your location. Kewpie mayo is a Japanese product, so it's likely a Korean market store clerk will not know what it is.
Fortunately, there are cheap places to get it online, some of which I have linked to you in the "source" section.
Are Asian women more interested in making guys hold their pee?
if there are any asian women in ohio that are interested in this message me please.
Egypt: How do you say "pee" in hmm.. Something Asian?…

Hahahahaha, 3amalha 3ala nafso mn el 7'of

Plz translate to the Asian language of the video
ya 7aram......
How to pee while standing? Tell me the steps on how to do it because I've never pee while standing...?
I was an asian male and knows only pee while squatting..can you guys please tell me step by step to pee while standing..Thank you
You just hold your penis in your hand and aim the tip where you want the pee to go :)…

look up girl gets pissed on on google. The first link is a young woman being pissed on by other girls but later men. This would be an easy way for you to see how it's done without the awkward"hey man I don't know how to pee standing up can I watch you" conversation with one of your male friends.

Alternatively you could ask a gay guy they are mostly friendly and happy to show off their penis. :)

I thought my nephew to pee standing. I just let him watch me when I peed and he was like I WANNA DO THAT!!!

I told him:
- Stand up

- Pull down your pants and undies

- Stand in-front of the toilet

- Hold your penis with one hand
(I use thumb on top with index finger and middle finger on bottom both positioned behind the head of my penis. You don't squeeze just barley a grip so it doesn't swing free)

NOTE: If you are uncircumcised (most Asians aren't cut) you may need to pull back your foreskin as it may imped/obstruct urine flow causing a spray rather than a stream. My nephew is uncut as am I and needs to pull his back, but my opening at the tip is big enough I don't need to.

- Point tip your penis (in direction of desired target)

- Keep your pee pee in the toilet (Adjust angle and direction it to keep it in the toilet)

Note the pee may not shoot straight out of your urethra it may be to one side or the other. Try peeing outside or in the shower and get used to where your pee goes then you will be able to aim and hit anything, like a toilet or urinal GOOD LUCK!

When I was a guy my mom threw kix or cheerios in the toilet for me to try and hit with my pee!
Have you seen that Asian cover of Baby Oh Shet lol its hilarious youll pee in your pants!?…
Sorry, I don't find "juvenile and annoying" amusing.
This asian dude comes to australia. i don't know what else to call this joke?
this aussie bloke noticed this asian moved in next door. being the nice aussie bloke that he is he decides to go over there to say hi.

so when he goes over there he notices that the asian has got his head next to a cows butt as if he is trying to listen to something. so the aussie decides to say hi the next day.

the second day he goes over there and he get to the door but before he knocks on the door he decides to look through the window. and he is amazed to see the asian pee into a cup and drink it. the aussie neighbour get weirded out so he decides to say hi tomorrow.

so on the third day he goes over there and sees the asian chasing chickens.

by now the aussie has had enough and can't take it so he goes up to the asian and asks him mate what in the hell are you doing? three days ago i come to say hello and i see your head next to a cow's butt. you could have got your head kicked off! the next day i come to say hi i look through you window and see you drinking your own pee. and now your chasing chickens. what is up with you and your asian customs?

the asian replies, noh these not my customs these your customs. i ask flight attendant what aussie blokes are like and she say they listen to bull $h!t, drink piss and chase chicks.

funny indeed!!!
How many people pee with their left hand?
Where in the world pees with their left hand and a bowl of water?
is it only muslims?
or do asians and some others do it to?

What countries/places in the world?

--just Curios.
I would think right handed people pee with right hand, left handed with left hand. Has nothing to do with race or religion.
What does asian penis supposed to mean?
Im in 7th grade and we were on a flied trip and I was going to the bathroom on the bus and this girl opened the door when I was peeing and started laughing. Now shes been going around the whole school saying I have an asian penis.
its a common stereotype that east asians have small penises, but its not true. and for the indian-italian guy, this doesnt apply to indians. just ignore her she is just in middle school ppl in college wont say things like that to u.
Is it true that asians have smaller "pee-pee"?
the title says it all... its cause like when im playing games... people would like say this "hey why do you keep running away? are you scared? you must be asian... you have a small dik.." and things like that... is it true?
Yes, on average. Not necessarily "small" but smaller than those of caucasians and africans. There have been many studies (including some that were based on self-reported measurements) that all basically say the same thing.
Why does it burn when I pee?
I visited the Asian chick from the laundry mat last night. She spit on my testicles before fondling them and now it burns when I pee.
Guys can also get a urinary tract infection it burns when you pee. Just go to the doctor and explain your symptoms cause its gonna hurt more and get harder to pee. Try drinking lots of cranberry juice it works for uti's. goodluck.

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