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All Comments

Are those bang bros videos real?
I dont think you can pick up women that easily
its staged
Is This Bang Bus Episode Real?
Okay so im a fanatic of Bang Bus/Bang Bros not only because of the fyne ladies but because it looks so yesterday a friend forward me this video of Bang Bus which had this female named Maritza and they pursued her to the bus offered her money etc. IT LOOKED SO REAL, then after she accepted and did what they asked her to do when they dropped her off they took her money and threw out the purse out the was sooo funny and it looked so real because she was pissed and was chasing the bus to try n get her money!! Anyone seen this one... I know Bang Bus is scripted but this episode in particular looks real, and its kinda weird that they dont have it on their website....
it's not real at all none of it is though I've heard some of the women are coerced into doing this stuff. it's not real though since if it were they would be liable for a lot stuff and they would have to get tested. so no it isn't and seriously you find this funny?
How much are a few used video games worth?
Altogether I have 8 ds games and 8 game boy games

The eight ds games are:
Proffeser Layton and the curious village
mario hoops
crash boom bang
kirby canvas curse
super monkey ball touch and roll
big brain academy
cooking mama

The eight game boy games are:
Pokemon leaf green
Pokemon emerald
A series of unfortunate events
classic nes series super mario bros
super mario bros 3
thats so raven
connect four/perfection/trouble

The only game that still has its case is professor layton but all of the games work properly. How much could I sell these for and where?
this is a iffy question because it all depends on a few key factors condition of game
condition of cases
whether you have the books that came with them
and your location { do not answer that , not a question }
you could try ebay or local pawn shops or most malls have shops that buy cds games and things.
but you can never get a definite answer with just the name and system they always tell you they need to physically see them first.
Do girls watch obscene videos?
I am a regular visitor and bang bros and playboy websites. I was wondering if girls or for that matter women who may be married, visit these sites.

Would appreciate if women answer this question..

Also tell me what part of mans body u find most that i can work towards improving it...

wanna give 100% satisfaction to my girl know
Yes, we do. And we enjoy it. And we watch them with our man, too.

I like arms and chest.
Thinking about going into porn...?
I want to work with bang bros or reality kings and I'm not sure if it may be a good idea for me or not..I'm in school going to be a RN and I'm tired looking for a job 24/7 I'm very sexual and do love porn. if i were to shoot a few videos would that effect my career as a RN??
Nah DO IT!!!
Who should direct 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' movie?
All of the Harry Potter movies are good NOT brilliant but just good. Chris Columbus had made two and both are so, so, nothing magical about it. Alfonso CuarĂ³n's version more of a music video. Mike Newell didn't do justice and worst of all David Yates'.
So who would you want to finish the series with a bang instead a bomb? (All answers will proceed to the Warner Bros. execs for consideration).
Thank you.
the one that directed "PANS LABYRINTH"
Adding things to videos?
so im plaining on using my cell phone to record a 30 second video of me playing the super mari bros song on my bass guitar and after i get the video on my computer im wondering if theres some way i can get like mario running across the bottom of the screen doing his thing jumping on some turtle getting some coins banging princess peach hahaha
is it even possible to do that? please let me knwo
Try Corel Video Studio Pro. Adobe after effects is also good but it is a huge program and too complex to learn.

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