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I had a dream that I gave a big black man oral sex?
I just remember being in a big warehouse giving a quite large black man oral sex. His "member" was very large. What could this dream mean?
wow maybe it didnt mean anything. or maybe you should try it!
Why are black lesbians not into oral?
I've dated 3 black women and so far these have been the only women whom I have been with who were not into oral sex (giving or recieving). I'm finding this to be pretty unsatisfying.
i've dated black girls before and they all seemed very into oral...maybe its just the girls your choosing...not there race?
Do Black guys not like to perform oral?
I have heard that Black guys (Italians and Armenians as well) don't perform oral on women that they are with, that they consider it effeminate and a sign that the guy might be gay. Is this true?
Black men are the worst lovers in bed despite how the media always tried to portray how good they are.
What do the colored wristbands mean..?.. like the black means oral sex and whatnot?
what do the colored wristbands mean..?..
like the black means oral sex and whatnot. Please help I am super duperdy curious
no, blue means oral sex, and the rest is in this
Is it true that a high percentage of black men do not like to give oral sex to their woman?
I have been told black men do not like to do this. Is it true? And if so, why? Because it sure seems they like to have it done to them!
idk what kind of porno ur watchn but jungle bunnies dnt do it i have no reason y i think its just the fact that they are jungle bunnies and like to steal w/e they can get and no pay for it. do idk
Why do some black girls on here say that giving oral is disgusting?
It's not disgusting when you are doing it to your man. It's a part of foreplay.
What's so disgusting about it?
You are embarrassing me. Why is this question directed to black girls?
Where did the stigma come from that black men don't like to perform oral sex on their women?
Black men are not as open about it as white men, but we do it.
One of many stereotypes. Who can keep track of them all?
Is there a stereotype that black women don't give oral sex?
Is there a stereotype that black women don't give oral sex?
I am just curious being a mixed woman, mixed with black and white 30% white 70% black (not that it matter's I guess) but, I enjoy giving oral sex. I have heard a stereo type that black women won't give men oral sex, because they feel degraded? is this true ? any answers are greatly appreciated . thanks :]
Yes. It's a stereotype-one that I never understood. Some will, some won't. Some women enjoy it, and others feel it's degrading and disgusting. I think it's really no different from the women of any other race...I guess in some guy's experience, women of a different race were more willing to give oral sex right away than the black women they were with? (I'm not saying that is how I feel) Who knows how that got started. For some reason, a lot of people still view giving a guy oral sex as sort of taboo compared to everything else. Not to put my business out there, but I love giving my husband oral sex. & Personally, *for me* I don't think there is anything degrading or disgusting about it. It's a normal/natural part of sex. But each girl is different.
Why is there a black market for Morphine Sulfate Concentrated Oral Solution 20mg/1mL?
My friend's father died recently. Before he passed away, he was prescribed "Morphine Sulfate Concentrated Oral Solution 20mg/1mL." My friend is kinda f'ed up and says that there is a "black market" for this stuff. I guess it makes people feel good, but it is actually a pain reliever I think. Anyway I was afraid, so I spilled it down the toilet. But what is this used for?
Morphine is a pain reliever. It can produce effects similar to heroin (both are derived from opium) and so it can produce a feeling of euphoria (well-being) and so it has a high potential for abuse. A large dose in a person who is not accustomed to it can be fatal. The morphine solution you had is a very strong one; one ml (1/5 teaspoon) would be enough to knock you out.

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