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What do you think the pros and cons are for gay/lesbian marriage?
I have to get other people's opinions about being for and/or against gay/lesbian marriage
Pros - it makes them feel more accepted/equal in society.

Cons - can't think of any, to be honest (except the homophobic nonsense, of course)

Can I just say, if you love someone, if you want to spend your life with them, or if you want to have guys, you don't HAVE to get married - so this isn't really a 'Pro'.
Why is that people are so agenst Gay & Lesbian marriage?
I have a few family members whom are homosexual. And i find it very offensive as i am bi-sexual that Gay and Lesbian marriage is illagle in many state. I think that it is a personal issue not the nations. I guess I am asking who are the people who are not gay or lesbian to judge others lives that has not one thing to do with them. Any one have any good reasons why they should not be allowed to marry?
mostly in order to practice religious freely. Every major religion is against gay marriage yet if it passes, they will have to marry gay couples or face lawsuits from the state as well as the ACLU. The reasoning is simple, if it is legalized then temples/churches/other must marry the two otherwise they are discriminating. This opens them up to law suits and loss of tax exempt status. Legalizing gay marriage would limit religious freedom in this country.
Gay and lesbian marriage argument?
What are some religious arguments (against) Gay/Lesbian marriage.

Im not religious and im not FOR or AGAINST gay marriage.

I just need some religous facts and arguments for gay/lesbian marriage, its for an essay i have to write. An the topic is about gay marriage. I need a negative religious part. Any advice or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

*please please please, i dont need any contradiction on why im writing about what im writing. I just have to do it for my class.
marriage has always traditionally been between a man and a woman. Marriage has traditionally been a religious institution.

Gay activists have threatened churches with lawsuits if they refused to perform gay marriages (pre-prop 8).

There is no federal "right" to marry, whether you like it or not.
What do you think about gay or lesbian marriage?
Im all up for opinions but im very serious about this question. So please nothing rude.
Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with gay marriage. I think that people should be allowed to love who they love and marry who they want to marry.
My dads got married like 4 years ago i think. I think gay people should be allowed to get married i mean why not? if u love someone u should be able to get married
Is it written anywhere in the constitution that lesbian/gay marriage is illegal?
If so, is it not in contradiction with the fact that each and every person must have basic equal rights?

If NOT, how does lesbian/gay marriages become an issue?
It wasn't an issue over 200 years ago when the constitution was drafted. Investigate it yourself, and what happened to people with not so ordinary relationships at the time the constitution was drafted? Things have gone a long way.
Do gay and lesbian people hold marriage in higher regard than straight people?
It seems that every day I hear talk about gay marriage and people fighting to have it in their states. At the same time fewer straight people are getting married. Is marriage more important to gay and lesbian people or is it something they are doing to make a point?
It's something they're doing to make a point, that we all deserve equal rights. I'm a lesbian and marriage meant nothing to me but when they forbid it by law, it's like saying that I'm not an equal as a citizen. It's like when the laws prohibited minorities by skin color (whether it's blocking the Chinese and the Irish from coming into this country or making Blacks use a different bathroom), that's why I would never understand how there are racist gay people.
In your opinion, should gay/lesbian marriage be legalized?
How about civil unions, domestic unions? Should "partners" get health benefits from employers?

Are you against or for gay/lesbian relationships? How would you feel if you saw two woman holding hands and kissing on the street? Two men?
Yes. Yes it should. Why is it illegal in the first place? Some people say that marriage is so that a happy little couple can have guyren or whatever. I don't think the population really needs that right now. If I were to see two women or two men holding hangs/kissing, I wouldn't look at them any different than I would a straight couple. Maybe in the future everyone will be less ignorant and it will be legalized. :)
What do other libertarians think about Gay/Lesbian marriage?
I've gotten many hacks for this, because I believe in a small government, less spending many things conservative and yet I believe that Gays should be given the right to marry who they want. Because it's their rights as human beings to be happy.

What are your thoughts?
I think I love you, friend of the gay community that you are
In gay-lesbian marriage who is the husband and who is the wife?
and what should i do so gay couple won't adopt me?
The butch one is the husband.
To all the people who appose gay/lesbian marriage why? What do you think is wrong about it?
Just wondering. Ask truthfully and nicely.
Presumably there would be no problem with it if marriage did not give rise to any special privileges under the law. A marriage of any kind would then be basically no different from any other voluntary, non-privileged, contractual association of two people (if there were some ascertainable reason for *limiting* the membership to two, which typically there is not in such associations). Such associations could be formed around common interests of any kind: chess, bicycling, gay or lesbian sex, you name it. The ones in which the common interest is sexual activity of any kind could be called "marriages" to distinguish them from the others. This might seem to some to devalue the concept of marriage considerably, while others might be willing to pay that price in order to eliminate special privileges.

If marriage does give rise to special privileges, questions arise about the basis on which some are to get the privileges and others are not. The traditional answer is that the special privileges (to the limited extent that they actually exist) are needed to promote the unity and permanence of marriage, which in turn is needed to promote the production of guyren, by natural means, in an environment where they will tend to be raised right rather than wrong. Certainly, this doesn't happen in every marriage--but heterosexual marriage, unlike a homosexual relationship, is rationally thought to be the kind of relationship in which it can, and ordinarily should, happen. So long as that general kind of relationship exists, it is not thought to be harmful to allow the special privileges to it, rather than try to weed out all the ones in which the privileges don't have the desired effect.

If the special privileges of marriage are to be extended beyond that general kind of relationship to include homosexual relationships, questions arise as to why homosexual relationships--specifically, as distinct from non-sexual but otherwise comparable relationships--should get the special privileges. A person who doesn't think they should, may simply assert that no sufficient reason has been shown for granting them the special privileges, and that the mere fact that the members engage in sexual activity with one another, perhaps even to the exclusion of others, is no reason for granting special privileges (to say the least). A person who *does* think they should get the special privileges must produce a sufficient reason for granting the privileges, and that reason cannot be simply that other people get them--because special privileges, by definition, are not things that everyone is equally entitled to.

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