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What should I do for my gay sugar daddy?
What should I do? All the how to's on the web are for GIRLS pleasing their sugar daddy. What do you suggest? I want to make him happy and feel more on top of the world then her already is.

Oh and please no smart *** comments as they will be deleted. you know instead of wasting the time and effort to say something rude just don't say anything at all, it takes allot less effort.
Sugar Daddy implies that HE has the money, so buying something for a sugar Daddy is meaningless. Like any other man, he appreciates respect, love, and gratitude. DO something nice for him over and above what you normally do. Material things to a Sugar Daddy has little meaning since if he wants something, he can simply go out and buy it himself. Give him something intangible, and you offer him the world.
What if you found out your baby daddy was gay?
Get rid of it, not care, or feel hurt?
I would definitely be hurt and cry about it. But i would kick him the heck out. Its like hes laughing in your face. He is gay but he has sex with you its disgusting to think about.. i would kick him out!!! never see him again. I woulds keep the baby though.
How can i best find a gay sugar daddy in LA?
I'm without a job and staying with a friend since eviction. I've had lucrative relationships before and I'm still young and goodlooking
Use craigslist?
What is a bear or daddy? and what's the diffence between a common gay or effeminate gay?
I have heard bears or daddies are old man and what about a common gay or effeminate gay? a bear was an effeminate gay man or what was before to reach that age of old man? what's a jock and twink? please explain me thank you.
OK, bears are guys who are hearded and hairy and generally of large stature. They may be fat and messy too, but that's not a necessary part of the look. They can be any age, though younger bears are often called cubs.

Daddies are older men in relationships with younger men. They are kinda like cougars. Think "sugar daddy" and you get the idea but the younger man in a relationship is not always or often a gold digger.

Twinks are young gay guys in their teens or early 20s who look young. They may or may not be effeminate.

Jocks are guys who are athletic. You know, as in jock strap? They are into looking fit.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your question what's the difference between a common gay or effeminate gay? They just act differently, that's all. Most gay guys act like anyone else, some act effeminate. What more is there to say?

What does your Daddy think about you being gay?
I'm assuming your dad was an army colonel who made you salute the flag every morning and planned for you to join the army.

Or if you're in britain, your dad is a coal miner from yorkshire who wants you to continue the family trade but all you wanna do is be a poet.
My dad is dead.
HELP!!! I think my daddy is gay...What should I Do?
I saw my daddy yesterday with another guy at the mall kissing...Is that gay or could he just be good friends...I was with a frend....Recently my daddy bought a poodle home as a present to mommy but i think that guy got it for him because they were outside a pet store when they were kissing...Now my friends are making fun on me calling my daddy gay...What do I do?
just ask him what he was doing at the mall and who the other guy was... and gradually tell him you saw him kissing him... nothing to be embarassed about hunn......
My ex knows I am gay and tells the guys " Your daddy is a Fudgepacker"?
So my 2 guyren, son who is 7 and daughter who is 12, now refer to me as " daddy fudgepacker " I am sure they dont know what it means, but they say it in public and school. Any advice?
First a monkey spanker, now a Fugepacker....

you little troll.

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