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All Comments

Where's the best place to watch the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras parade?
Visiting from the U.S. Can you buy tickets for viewing or is there a best spot to view from?
I went to Mardi Gras in Sydney last year. The best place is to go to Hyde Park, CBD. Go an hour early to get space in the front and/or carry a longgg stool for yourself and friends or buy it gets so crowded that people have to stand on stools.locate hyde park from the link below.You would love it. Have fun, Cya at Mardi Gras this year.
Is the Sydney gay & lesbian Mardi Gras the biggest of it's kind in the world?
Just wondering, i live in Sydney, if our annual Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is the biggest sexual celebration/parade in the world. I know New Orleans has a Mardi Gras & Brazil has Carnival, but why is our Mardi Gras so big & why is it soi accepted in a tough Country for Gays to be accepted, even celebrated?
haha... good. I don't know... I haven't been to any of those places/things.
Does the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade promote acceptance, or does it merely perpetuate a stereotype?
While it is true that there are gay men who dress in women's clothes, (according to studies) not all men who wear women's clothes are gay.

Also, the number of gay men who choose to wear women's clothes would be a decidedly small percentage of the overall number of gay males.
Mardi Gras promotes acceptance, this is where it's roots started in 1978 and will always will remain.
Has the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras become a complete farce?
I went last night with some friends. This is the most violent night of the year according to NSW Police and my overtly gay friend was worried he would be beaten up, with good reason; we saw an immense amount of homophobic thugs on the streets and in Hyde Park. Seriously, this is the one night of the year homophobes should be hiding at home, what happened here?
Dear Anubis,
I beg you and your gay friend should not go there.
It is dangerous and unsafe for you both.
So, you better live with your family.
How can I join the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade?
some details please. we really want to join the parade. if there are some organizations, how to get into those groups?
Get copy of the Star Observer, SX or LOTL from a venue, they all have lists of local lgbt organizations, social and sporting groups you can join. Acon in Commonwealth Street in East Sydney are always looking for volunteers, especially for the upcoming red ribbon day.
There has been a "gay mardi gras" in my city. It supposedly began in 1978. Does it look like someone had?
secret information that AIDS existed and would soon be causing mayhem ?
Um, no. There were Gay celebrations in many cities, all over the country, some even earlier than that. It has to do with being excluded from most other parades and celebrations, and being able to have a place where many people could openly celebrate and feel safe from being made fun of or being picked on.
The Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is on is Sydney tonight , should fishermen join the parade?
Fishermen like floats , leather jackets & fish nets.
LOL! In Florida fishermen disdain floats, it's usually too warm for leather jackets but fish nets are good. It seems that Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) has no religious significance in Sydney as it occurred over a week ago. Funny how a Catholic holy day has turned into an excuse for drunkenness, lewd behavior and even violence.
Why don't they throw beads at Sydney's Gay MARDI GRAS Parade?
I watched a TV show about a Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney Australia, the parade looked great but, there were no beads?

I used to live in New Orleans and never attended a Mardi Grass parade where there was no bead throwing. It just doesn't make any sense.
Not throwing beads in the street doesn't make sense to you??
Sydney's gay pride parade is very,very different to the New Orleans Mardi Gras!
The gay society has gay marches & mardi gras - should they have a separate competition?
If it's good enough for them to go alone in such parades, couldn't they have their own football codes competition?

They separate themselves from mainstream society & say they are proud to do so - why couldn't they do the same with a footy comp?

What would be the hurdles, do you think........ numbers; regular AFL teams losing too many players to them; sponsors....?
Good question. There should be more genuine questions, like this one, in here.

I can imagine the furore over who has what colours. The fight over the pink strip with a rainbow sash would probably outdo the Collingwood/Port squabble over the black & white strips.

Akker would probably be appointed as one of the leading coaches. I don't know what part Michael Gardiner & Dean Cox would take.

It would definitely be a good idea. The mind boggles when thinking of who & what would sponsor the competition.
Why don't they throw beads at Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras Parade?
I watched a TV show about a Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney Australia, the parade looked great but, there were no beads?

I used to live in New Orleans and never attended a parade where there was no bead throwing. It just doesn't make any sense.
"Cause the are boring. Public Safety make nosense, since I never heard of anyone ever getting hurt by beads throwing at the Big Easy. to say.

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