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How does gay people get their anus cleaned for penetration all the time?
Do they do enema everyday?
Do they took lots of fibre to cleanse the colon?
Do they fast before anal sexual intercourse?
How do they do this?
Do minor faecal contact during anal intercourse happens normally during sex among gay people?
I imagine gay people prepare their anus for intercourse the same way straight people stripping naked, facing east, dancing on one foot [preferably the left foot] and chanting "ooh eeh ooh ah ah, ting tang, wullah wullah bing-bang".

Now YOU try it!
Is my boyfriend gay? Is it normal for a guy to want anal penetration?
My boyfriend and I have the greatest sex Ive ever had. Hes the only guy who satisfys me. Recently in asked me to stick my finger in his butt. Is this normal? He went on to say that if I wanted to do him in the butt he wouldnt mind. I have no idea what to think.
He may have bisexual tendancies, but he may just get excited by it.

Have you ever seen the movie Road trip. The prostate massaging scene. Some guys like that feeling.

As long as he's faithful to you and it results in better sex, why not do it?
If I like pegging and anal penetration, am I gay?
But I don't like guys.
You *are* a homo, or the functional equivalent. Either quit claiming you're not, or (preferably) give up the gay or equivalent sex acts. If you want sex with guys, you're gay even if you don't like the guys. If you want anal sex with girls, it's basically no different from gay sex, and it doesn't make you a better person (to say the least) if you do it with girls instead of guys.
I'm a gay bottom & sleeping with a male from a long back,i love anal penetration....?
i love to be penetrated,also i love to act as a female. does it will effect on my hormonal balance ?
Can marry a woman in future ?
ummm no your gay why would you want to marry a women?
I'm not attracted to guys, but I like anal penetration - does that make me gay? Please help :*(?
I like anal penetration, I'm a guy, but I am in no way attracted to other men. Am I just wierd? :*( If anyone that is a part of the LGBT community could answer and tell me what's up with my situation I'd be really grateful
Lots of heterosexuals engage in anal sex its not just a gay activity P&P :-)
Gay men: Do most of you refrain from penetration?
I never understood it. What is romantic about the end of the digestive tract. It has to hurt. It's unnatural as can be. just because it feels good on the prostate doesn't make it right. I could run a wire down my throat and through my intestines and stimulate my prostate, but that don't mean I should. It has to be dirty and smelly. Why do people do it. If it's only for the person on top, Why not just date a girl. Its much cleaner and better. Woman are self lubricated for a reason. If it was natural then why wouldn't your anus produce enough lubrication, like a females sexual organ does. Just curious if penetration is not very popular as well among gay men.
I'm a girl but i'm answering anyways.
I say to each their own. AND TO THE GAY GUYS: Quit knocking women's sexual organs. Vaginal sex is natural and not "disgusting" or "really gross." A women's vagina is self-cleaning unlike the human anus. It is cleaner than an anus in general and therefore smells less as well. Personally, mine doesn't smell like anything! :)

You don't have sex with women so don't talk about their bodies like you know them, because you DON'T. Like one guy said "don't knock it till you try it."

anywayz that's all i have to say.
Im gay and my best friends husband did some experimenting with me not including penetration. Should i tell her?
we were both really drunk and on xanax and i feel really bad about it. Shes currently in jail
can someone explain to me whats the point of being drunk when it just drives people to do stupid things all the time?
Best orgazams can only be reached by penetration (m and f)?For Gay couples it cant be as good? Opinions?
An orgazam is described as "the best feeling in the world", so does this apply to both straight and gay or can only straight couples have the best orgazams since their genetials are made for eachother? Id like opinions from people who have actually experienced sex with both sexes ( but anyone is welcome to answer) and I dont mean to offend anyone with this question, me and my friend had a discussion about this today and I just wanted other peoples thoughts on this.
Thank you
Your premise is misguided.

1. For many females, they have to masturbate during penetration because the clitoris isn't being stimulated. Orgasm has to be reached manually.

2. There are slews of straight men that like to have anal sex with their female partner because they find it more stimulating and is also not a risk for pregnancy.

3. A male's prostate gland is stimulated by the penetrating penis during anal sex offering a euphoric sensation. Some heterosexual men will have their partners penetrate them with toys for a similar sensation.

I'm very glad that you enjoy your sex life, but don't be so eager to judge someone else's when you really don't know what it is like because you have never tried it.


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