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What type of nurses get to wear the cute scrubs with cartoon characters on them?
I am going to become a cna and was wonder what nurses get to wear these types of scrubs. Or does it just depend on who you work for.
I work with seniors mostly and I wear(and have seen) everything, Mickey and Minnie, Sponge Bob, Snoopy, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh... We are allowed to wear what ever we want. I did work in the ER during school and there were cartoon scrubs there too.
If you had to cast a cartoon version of romeo and juliet who whould the cartoons be?
If you had to cast a cartoon version of romeo and juliet who whould the cartoons be?
who whould you cast for

friar lawrence-
prince escalus-
lady or lord montague and capulet
romeo-bugs bunny
benvolio-daffy duck
mercutio-donald duck
paris-prince charming
lady montague-fiona
prince escalus-lord farqoq
lord capulet-miss piggy
capulet-kermit the frog
friar larwence-peter griffin(i ran out of ideas LOL)

i know not same cartoon but oh well
What is happening with the Crankshaft cartoon?
Can anyone tell me what is happening with the crankshaft cartoon? Why is it showing him in a wheelchair in a nursing home? My husband and I read it daily, but are totally lost.
Crankshaft is affiliated with the Funky Winkerbean strip - some of the same characters appear in both strips from time to time and Batiuk has a hand in both. Funky Winkerbean recently had a 10 year jump ahead in time and my guess is this is going to bring the two strips back into sync. A 10 year jump in time would put Crankshaft about 90 years old. He was old enough to be involved in the invasion of Normandy per his recollections a few years back. I will miss him driving the school bus but maybe they will do like For Better or Worse and just start the strip over.
Where can I find nursing scrubs with cartoon prints? I need them in the guyren's ward.?
This is my first time to be assigned in this department, and I only used solid color scrubs back then.…

Just google and some sites should pop up. :]
As for instore. I'm not really sure. Try looking in the directory of your mall.
I know there is one in my mall that has a shop for nurses but I can't remember the name of it! Sorry :[
Im looking for a political cartoon by an english cartoonist, i think he was Carl Giles?
the cartoon was about mixed sex hospital wards. it showed an old lady on a hospital ward, building a brick wall around the bed of a male patient next to her bed. the caption was roughly, a nurse saying, "now Mrs Smith, your hernia will never heal if you`re up all night bricking in Mr Bloggs!" im having trouble finding it on internet and i don`t know what year it was published. please help
I couldn't find that exact cartoon, but I did find a database of Carl Giles cartoons- which provides a search function and a list of cartoons by their subject. There were plenty of hospital cartoons, but none that fit your description, sadly.

I've provided the link anyway, hope it helps a little.
Where can I get Cute nursing name badges?
Hi, i'm in oz and I am seeing all these nurses with these cartoon name badges. They are round, brightly coloured with a little cartoon nurse on them and the nurses name. Can someone please tell me where to get these. Thanks
I think your best bet would be to design them in your computer. You can look for clip art for nurses, and pick a cartoon you like. Play with the font to get the name looking nice.
In Microsoft Word, go to Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Mailings
When you choose the label size, there is one that says "Name Badges", you can use that one, to have a nice size for labels.
Then you can print it in a nice color paper, or buy the labels made for this. Then you can stick the labels to something colorful to give it a frame.
Good luck
What is the name of the old cartoon with a stressed out man?
I am looking for a cartoon that has a man that is really stressed out. He goes to the Dr. and the Dr. tells him to get some rest. So he either goes home or to a hotel. He can't get any peace and quiet though because next door there's a noisy man and woman that keep laughing and the man keeps playing a horn. The stressed man's face is constantly turning bright red because he's so mad. He later finds out that the noisy people next door are his Dr. and nurse. Where can I find this cartoon? Does anyone know the name?
If he goes to the Sea on a bus, it's in the older Lonney Tunes cartoon videos. Don't remember the title,I think something like "A rest at the Seaside" or something ironic like that.
What does my political cartoon mean?
There is a nurse wearing a pig nose...any ideas would be much appreciated.
if you don`t know how can we.

A picture would be nice
Does any one remember that one 90's cartoon with a red devil in it? What cartoon is that?
The other day I remembered a cartoon that I use to watch that had a devil like character in it that had this huge *** and kind of acted gay towards the lead characters. I can't remember any other characters or what its called but I remember this devil guy would dress up in like doctor or nurse costumes sometimes. Please help me find what this show is!!
Yeah ure def. thinking of cow and chicken, that dvil he never wore pants n he had that weird voice where he would over extend all of his words

(voiced by Charlie Adler) Cow, Chicken, Weasel and I.R. Baboon's arch friend/nemesis. He is an often-incompetent antagonist/protagonist disguised as various authority figures (principals, kings, lunchladies), trying to either scam the protagonists or torment them. In some episodes, multiple and seemingly distinct Red Guys are present, usually working together.

Red also has a reputation in wearing no pants, which he can also bring into his disguise names (i.e. Dr. Lax Slax, Dr. Hiney, Seymour Butts, Mr. Lackapants, Mrs. Bare Derierre, Clear Bottom, etc.).

Sometimes more than one Red Guy is shown at a time, such as in the episode "Dirty Laundry", when the warden from an earlier episode has a conversation with another Red Guy.……
Why in the hell is that movie on cartoon network instead of 6teen, right now?
The guide says 6teen, 8 pm. Dude of the Living Dead.

Instead, Scary Godmother is on.
Yeahyeahyeah I know I should 'get a life'. Look people, I have a boyfriend, I have friends, I'm a nursing major, I made porkchops tonight for my family, I chug redbull and go fourwheeling. I do stuff. All I wanted to do was watch 6teen tonight.

Someone. Make me feel better. Haha.
t.v always duz tht
maybe they wnted to put a Halloween movie instead of a Halloween show.

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