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Pee fetish???????????????
Okay I get turned on by girls who are desperate to pee not necessarily wetting themselves the desperation turns me on... My gf won't hold it for me bc she thinks it's wierd and thinks it's cheating on her if I get turned on by other girls. I don't know what to do. Is this normal? Help!
The fetish is not a problem.

You will not change your g/f by the sounds of it.
If that's the case you might find a new one. :-(((

Sooner or later it will create a problem in a relationship.
You will not get what you desire.
And on top of it you will feel bad because you'll be told off as well.

Not easy. You'll see how go.

About pee fetish…
Is it normal for me to have a pee fetish at 14?
Ive had it for about a year now. I know another word is Omorashi (spelling?). I was just wondering if it was normal for me to have a pee fetish at the age of 14, and such an odd one at that.
Golden shower. Hum.. I don't think 14 is to young to have a fetish.
What should i do about my boyfriend's pee fetish?
I recently realized my boyfriend has a pee fetish. its harmless but i'm extremely curious about it. i don't think it would do anything for me as far as turn me on but i want to know why it turns him on and what i should do such as giving in to it or ignoring it like i have been since i think its a bit gross. i do want some opinions before i decide something tho
@Ben, just because he has a fetish, it doesn't mean he is going to treat era era like a sex object. It's actually just him being honest that he has a pee fetish. Since he's already had fantasies about his fetish, he just wants to act on it. This doesn't mean that he only wants to treat her like a sex object, because many fetishists (not just pee fetishists) actually have a romantic side to them just like people who are turned on by more "normal" things.

A pee fetish is actually very common. While I don't have the fetish, I can see what makes people like it. A fetish is caused by a guyhood event or experience. The fetish possibly began when he was a guy and learned that girls and guys are made differently down there, and since at the time he didn't know about sex, he got a curiosity over the difference between the way girls and guys pee. That curiosity eventually manifested itself into a fetish.

There are tons of different versions of a pee fetish: some guys want to pee on their partner, others want to be peed on, some guys want to see their partner wet their pants, others want to drink pee or have their partner drink their pee. It's an extremely broad fetish, so just saying he has a pee fetish is a little vague.

Everyone has their limits when it comes to fetishes. If you are outright disgusted by it, feel free to turn him down, but chances are, that would lead to a lot of sexual frustration for him. Just remember this, though, many relationships between a fetishist and a non-fetishist can actually work out if both partners are willing to figure out how exactly to turn each other on. While his thing for peeing might not do much for you, you can tell him that in exchange of you helping him act on it, he has to do something that turns you on, whatever it is that you like, since it's only fair.
My girlfriend and I have a pee fetish I know that it is common but do you have any more ideas?
We have had this fetish for a little while now and I just wanted to know if anyone out there had any fun ideas maybe creative things we could do w/ pee, or just sex in general...we like generally everything except scat...yuck
Well you should go to the site it's great you could get thousands of ideas there one of the thinks my husband and I enjoy are peeing inside of her and watching it explode. Golden showers are always fun. If you like there is also bathing in it. I'm sure visiting ALT and joining one of the fetish forums you will find something you truly love.
Why do people think that having a poop and pee fetish is weird?
Ever since as young as I can remember, I had always enjoyed poop, pee and watching and hearing cute guys pooping and peeing. I even enjoy watching my own self pee and poop sometimes.Now, how can this be weird? Aren't these natural acts after all?
There's nothing wrong with it. Some people just have a little more trouble accepting more unusual things in another person's personality.
There are lots of piss/pee fetish movies,but are there any movis where they focus on peeing on a woman's hair?
Well i am looking for something similar to John Thompson's - 666 series...
But it should have more pee/piss in hair. Thanks.
where are you from? maybe I can help you find what you need, contact me via Email
When was the pee fetish discovered and recorded?
I dont understand the allure myself, but Im curious as to when it was found.
I don't know the real answer to this, but I think the only people who like doing this are people who want to humiliate others. It might be a person who was abused or who is a weak, powerless person in their real lives and are seeking a way to dominate another person. On the other hand, a person who enjoying being urinated on might want to escape from their overly powerful, stressful job. I don't know, but I agree with you I don't know it.
Whats the deal with pee fetish?
Is a pee fetish normal for a teenage boy? Because I seem to have recently developed one.
I don't have it, but I can assure you it's a pretty common fetish. I think it's actually one of the most common fetishes out there.
Boyfriend of 2 years has a pee drinking fetish.?
I have been with my bf for 2 years, I knew he had a pee fetish but today on the phone he told me he wanted to do it. Is this normal? If I decide to do it is there anything I can do to make it taste better?
This is VERY unhealthy. This can actually hurt him. The acids in your urine can harm him. DO NOT do this.
Is it true that Hilter had a pee and poop fetish?
Is it true that Hitler had a pee and poop fetish? And that he liked for women to defecate and urinate on his body and he participated in certain pee and poop related acts?
No, that's not true at all. I've been studying Hitler for many decades now, and whatever hang-ups he may have had, I promise you THESE were not among them.

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