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What type of bra should I wear with my sexy black dress?
I'm 15 years old and a 34D. None of my friends believe I'm a 34D because my boobs sag so much so it makes them look smaller. My friends are 34Bs and 34Cs but their boobs look bigger than mine because theirs are perky. I already get measured and wear supportive bras, but I'm going to a fancy dinner and have bought a sexy black dress that will show my cleavage. What kind of bra should I wear with it?
Definitely one that pushes you up where you want to be but it has to be supportive, so you might have to sacrifice a little bit of "sexiness." Also, make sure it's a black bra with a black dress.
How long have sexy black men existed?
As in really fine black men how long have they existed cause it seems ever since the 1990's black men especially the light skinned ones started to look very sexy.Back in my parents generation black men looked very dull like on Good Times and the Jeffersons and very ugly unlike today.Did the 1980's generation give birth to really fine black boys?
After your second or third drink.
Ladies do you prefer a sexy black outfit or a sexy red outfit?
Ladies what do you prefer for yourself a black sexy outfit or a sexy red outfit.Which would you rather wear?
Definitely black... maybe with red accents, like lipstick or these sexy red shoes I have. Red is a very "telling" color, that shows your body for EXACTLY what it is, with no apologies. So, if you have a slim, toned, and sexy body, then red will look awesome on you. However, it's not a very forgiving color for body types that may want to disguise some flaws. The majority of people in the world are more likely to FEEL sexy in black, and they will automatically LOOK more sexy if the feel sexy.
Where can I buy my wife some of those sexy black boots that Palin was wearing the other day?
Palin is lookin smokin in those sexy black boots. Where can I find a pair?

It turns me on the way she acts like a ditsy bimbo too.
Wherever ladies of the evening buy their outfits. You can buy her hair-hat at K-Mart.
My wife is annoyed I was cheating on her with a sexy black chick with a fine bubble butt?
Black women are so sexy, but I have guys with my wife so I need fix the situation any advice?
lmfao this place will never change....not even a bit =)
Why aren't there many sexy white woman singers and there are so many sexy black female singers?
Seriously Beyonce, Rhianna, Ciara...There are so many sexy black female singers. They have very sexy and curvy bodies, are very sensual and sexy. There is maybe only one white woman like this in Britney Spears. I know that black women tend to be more shapely naturally but they should get more sexy white female singers.
The hot white ones are all Country singers. You just have to know where to look.
Culturally speaking will santa come and give me a sexy black man for xmas?
thats all i want is a hot,sexy black man wrapped in gift wrapping paper with his hot body tucked in it. will santa make my wishes come true because i soooooooooooooooooo wish i had it, like oh my god, like totally gnarly.
More than likely a black chunk of coal.
Which celebrity women to do you think wears the not too heavy but sexy black eye liner look the best?
It looks almost like a rocker/goth kind of look but more sexy and more lean looking. Sometimes a little bit of shadow like black eye shadow is added in too. Example: like how it is worn on Kim Kardashian.

Guys can answer to if they're into make up too or just love how it looks on the celebrity.

Mine is Kim Kardashian, Avril lavigne, and Beyonce
Lol, before I even opened the question I instantly thought Kim Kardashian. I agree. I also agree with Avril, but I think she might overdo it a little bit, I prefer Avril with less eye makeup/black. I think Kim wears it best while still looking pretty.
Are sexy black women like a car engine?
You want to keep your bolt inside of them, but once you take it out, her fluid starts to drain. You need a pan to catch the overflow. And once they are done, you stick it back in, which requires 20 pounds of torque just to keep it in and keep her from leaking. Then once you are firmly in her, a new liquid fills up her insides. She then revvs and takes off.

Is it safe to compare sexy black women to a car engine?
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How were sexy black males produced?
Did some kind of hormone in the 1980's make blacks who had sex genetically have sexy hot guyren like those light skinned,brownish boys who look thuggish are attractive but where did they come from.In the 1930's black males were ugly,dark skinned and look lame and I dont understand how could females be attracted th them compared to how black males look today.Black males born after the 1980's look different from the ones born earlier like older black people at my church dont look like the younger ones.
England. There is a factory in York.

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