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Can a woman really squirt when having an orgasm or is it bladder control?
So you see these porns where these women squirt when having an orgasm, I mean, it shoots 4 feet away lol. No, I notice right before this happens, there is a change in view from the s\person filming, which means they probably fill the actress up with a douche or something and then she releases, obviously that's fake, but some times, you see these chicks squirting and it looks pretty real. Is it real,? If so, what are they squirting? urine?
Nope girls really can. It takes alotta time but they sure can. Its exaggerated in porn though i mean it doesnt shoot four feet or anything but they definitely can do it:)
In your opinion what is the best way to give a woman her greatest orgasm?
I have never not been able to make a woman squirt and from my experiences that has to be the best orgasm a woman can have.
this may take over an hour if the conditions are extreme.
(You can do this after or before intercourse)

1 make sure that the woman you are involved in has a good character and humor. This is important because if she is not able to have a personality that is easily stimulated it should reflect that of the body.

2 Make sure she can do some good contractions and tightening of the vagina.

3 This is half the puzzle right here, You need to massage her. get some good massage oil and giver her a good full body massage gets the blood flowing and allows her to have a full body orgasm. They love it so much! Ill give you some good tension spots to work out of them. What your looking for is spots that feel like a grain of rice or larger, you'll know when you hit one. and just work it out until it is smooth

spots to massage:

have her lay on her stomach and massage her down;

neck area,
have her take a deep breath and on the exhale work your fingers into the shoulder blades,
Lower back muscles,
work in the middle of her butt cheeks (she will tell you where it is, it will tickle)
inner crotch muscles (again she will tell you)

Work on her front side now; Use a lot of oil

Work under the collarbone all the way from the shoulder to the middle, (have her take a deep breath and on the exhale work into the collar)

in the middle of the breast,
lower breast,
work the edge of the rib cage area along the abs,
find the the top edge of the pubic bone work out anything you feel left and right,
The lips of the vagina,
the Quads.

4 Now when you finger her in one hand place a firm, but not to hard of pressure on the pubic bone/stomach.In the other hand have the two outside fingers down, and two inside her point upward.

(it might seem harsh but remember that babies come from there, so she can handle it)

5 do a vigorous up and down motion with your hand and she will start to squirm.

6 Her whole body will jiggle around like crazy, eventually she will squirt. When that time comes you will notice the vaginal walls become tight and push your hand out. hold your two fingers on the clit, and let her do her thing. dont rub the clit unless she wants you to. its very sensitive when they ***.

Good luck.
Woman orgasm question ?
Can a woman squirt from a clitoral stimulated orgasm?Or is squirting from G Spot orgasm only?
When a woman squirts is it the same thing as having an orgasm?
I know that squirting is a common phenomenon but is it the same as having an orgasm? This is purely out of curiosity.. I haven't been able to find much info about it.
if she sez yes...its yes,,if she sez no..its no...its more like a feeling,, [or so ive been told]
How common is "squirting" in women, when they orgasm?
I'm a 58 year-old male, who has dated/had relations with two women... separately... over a period of ten years... and, both of whom (they're in their late 40's, and suffer from bi-polar illness!!!) would "squirt" when they orgasm... they're also multi-orgasmic... this phenomenon has piqued my curiosity... which is why i pose the question...
Not very common. I'd say 1 in 50 or so. I don't think it has anything to do with being multiorgasmic or not, it has more to do with the orgasm itself.
Is it possible for a woman to squirt during orgasm?
My girlfriend is incredibly sensual and when we have sex things get really wet. She tells me that she is "unique" because she can squirt during orgasm. Is this really possible?
Yes, it's possible for every woman, as long as she is in touch with her own body. There's a trick to it, and once a woman figures it out, it's really quite easy and natural.
Can pregnant women have squirting orgasms?
My girlfriend and I are trying out the whole squirting thing. She's pregnant, though, and we don't know if it's safe to proceed or if the squirting will interfere with the pregnancy in any way.

She's 22 years old in case her age changes anything, has a fairly healthy diet - I'm making her stop snacking on instant junk and carbonated drinks - and no illnesses of which we are aware.
Squirting has nothing to do with pregnancy. If she is a woman who normally squirts during orgasm, she can squirt during orgasm while pregnant.

However, squirting is NOT something that you can "try out." Either she is a squirter or she isn't, and most women--the overwhelming majority--are not. She and you should know by now whether she squirts during orgasm. It is not something she can decide to do.

BTW, don't confuse orgasmic squirting with loss of bladder control during orgasm. That happens to some women as well. It is a different thing, although it can certainly get you both pretty wet. :-)
Why does a woman squirt when she reaches her highes peak of excitement in her orgasm?
My friend said she was freaked out when during oral sex she squirted some clear fluid from her vagina. She looked it up on the internet and knows other women do this. But does not know why the body choses to do this. Can you help her understnd so she is not freaked out. Should she be worried? Is she sick? Is it natural? Is it harmful to her body or reproductive system? Why do the men like this action from a woman so much? Help her to understand. At first she thought she was urinating on herself. Thank you.
The short answer is that no-one really yet knows the answer to your question. However, your friend is most probably not ill and she is not alone in experiencing this phenomenon.

More precisely:

Currently, the nature of female ejaculation is still quite unclear. From a scientific point of view, there are only a few articles in medical journals dealing with this topic. Almost all of these articles do not give any serious data about the origin or composition of the fluid expelled. Even worse, the little data available is inconsistent.

Without any doubt there is a loss of fluid during sexual stimulation or orgasm in some women. In many personal accounts it has been attested that the ejaculate is ejected from somewhere within the vagina, not the urethra. In other cases it seems accidental urination has been mistaken for authentic female ejaculation. It has also been suggested that one of the components of the ejaculate may be glucose, which gives it a slightly sweet taste. Because of the wide variety of personal accounts it is difficult to pare away the anecdotes to come to a definitive conclusion, even if the answer may be utterly clear for those who feel they have experienced or witnessed it.

The glands surrounding the female urethra are variously known as the paraurethral glands, periurethral glands, Skene's glands, "female prostate", or urethral sponge, and are the spongy tissue associated with the Gräfenberg spot. The term Skene's glands originally referred to only two of these glands which had openings visible at the mouth of the urethra and the others were designated paraurethral glands although the two terms are often used imprecisely to refer to all of the glands.

In addition to fluid from the paraurethral glands and urine from the bladder, fluid could be expelled from the vagina due to a sudden reduction in size due to muscle contractions.

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